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Keep in mind that JavaScript ignores tabs, spaces and new lines; you can use all three freely to format code that is easy to read and understand. From a practical standpoint, JavaScript is often used in tandem with HTML and CSS to create dynamic, responsive web pages. If you want to make it as a professional coder, you’ll need to have JavaScript in your toolbox. If you enjoyed Brad’s videos then check out his other suggested JavaScript videos.

Our JavaScript book consists of several sections that cover all the information you need to learn this unique programming language. Each of the chapters includes both the theory and practical cases to make it easier for beginners to grasp the language. Learn modern JavaScript fundamentals from scratch, and practice in an intuitive environment. The challenges are inspired from modern real world projects to make sure that you’re learning the best practices, one step at a time. Learn Javascript is suitable for beginner developers who have basic experience in any programming language.

Defining JavaScript

Below, we’ve listed a few jobs that require JavaScript skills and could suit an entry-level professional. While JavaScript is used primarily for front end web development, you can also apply JavaScript frameworks and libraries on the back end if you have a runtime engine to support you. Ready to learn more job-ready skills for a career in web development? JavaScript brought new utility and speed to early websites, and its usefulness only increased as internet connection speeds rose and the web expanded. Today, JavaScript is a fully fledged language that can facilitate complex interactions and build dynamic, engaging website features.

JavaScript Lessons

Here we teach object theory and syntax in detail, look at how to create your own objects, and explain what JSON data is and how to work with it. As an application developer, you would be responsible for developing and modifying existing source code for web and mobile applications. You may use JavaScript and other programming languages such as Java, C# or Python. As an app developer, you would be tasked with building applications from the ground up according to client specifications, as well as retooling or managing existing apps. Because building a fully fledged application usually requires a team, those who choose this professional track should have well-honed communication and collaboration skills.


According to HackerRank’s 2020 Developer report (PDF, 2.8 MB), JavaScript is the #1 sought-after language by hiring managers worldwide. It’s also the most commonly used language among professional developers, making it a must-have for your professional skill set. is still under construction – If you wish to contribute tutorials, please click on Contributing Tutorials down below. This is a great short introductory course and Brad is an experienced developer who will walk you through all of this concepts in an easy to understand manner. This is a great short introductory course and Mosh is an experienced developer who will walk you through all of these concepts in an easy to understand manner.

JavaScript Lessons

This is a very detailed course filled with hundreds of lessons and challenges for you to complete. They also have a very active online community where you can ask questions in the comments section and receive assistance. In this module, we continue our coverage of all JavaScript’s key fundamental features, turning our attention to commonly-encountered types of code block such as conditional statements, loops, JavaScript Lessons functions, and events. You’ve seen this stuff already in the course, but only in passing — here we’ll discuss it all explicitly. As your JavaScript skills grow, your websites will enter a new dimension of power and creativity. It’s outside the scope of this article—as a light introduction to JavaScript—to present the details of how the core JavaScript language is different from the tools listed above.

Real-life projects

In this freeCodeCamp YouTube course, you will learn about the basics of JavaScript including conditions, loops, functions, objects, arrays, and ES6. You will also build a blackjack game and Google Chrome extension. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started in web development or an experienced programmer looking to expand your skills, this course has something for you. With clear explanations, practical examples, and hands-on exercises, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and apply your new skills to real-world projects. JavaScript is a programming language that adds interactivity to your website. Learn modern JavaScript (ES2015+) from scratch, and practice in an intuitive environment.

  • Node.js is an open-source runtime environment that empowers coders to write JavaScript programs and execute them across operating systems such as OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.
  • But that’s big-picture; let’s scale our view down to more immediate goals.
  • Objects are used to represent the real-world entity in the program.
  • Programmers can also use JavaScript-based development frameworks such as React.js and Angular to produce complex, interactive web applications.
  • To better prepare you for the real world, we have 17 projects inspired by popular products.

Get the professional training you need to take your Javascript skills to the next level. Business Computer Skills offers a variety of Javascript training classes in New York City – Lower Manhattan, NY. From basic knowledge to more advanced JavaScript coding techniques. Because JavaScript is an evolving language that continues to be on the cutting edge of web development tech, you will always actively be honing your skills. If you are already a programmer or even a hobbyist who has some experience in HTML and CSS, you’ll probably be able to brush up on the fundamentals of JavaScript in a matter of weeks. The time it takes you to learn JavaScript will depend heavily on whether you already have coding experience, what method you use to learn and how much time you can reasonably dedicate to studying.

If you prefer a more self-directed approach to your education, you can use online tutorials, books and coding tests to teach yourself JavaScript. In this case, your timeline would depend on how motivated you are about following a self-imposed curriculum. Some people might cover the fundamentals within a few months; others may require a year or more. A full stack developer is a web developer with knowledge and training in all aspects of the development process.

The challenges are inspired by real-world projects to make sure that you’re learning the best practices, one step at a time. Try the first 77 lessons, challenges, projects (first 7 chapters) & flashcards for free. You can upgrade to a Pro account with a one-time payment that gives you access for 5 years. The main objective of this JavaScript training is to learn the programming fundamentals of Object-oriented language JavaScript. This training is exclusively focused on providing Basics to Advanced concepts on JavaScript.