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Brooke and Savannah get into an argument about Mimi, and the way she has always loved Brooke, not Savannah, yet that is not true. Again, Brooke threatens Savvy about urgent charges, which ends up in Savannah telling Brooke about all of the enjoyable instances they used to have in seventh grade. Although Mimi desires to stay with Savvy, she tells her that she has to go along with Brooke and why she can’t run away once more. After Mimi walks up to her, Brooke repays Savvy by cuddling with Mimi and making unfriendly remarks that offend Savannah. Later that day, Savannah, whereas at home, is confronted by her irascible mother and father, who angrily berate her for having injured Brooke and getting herself suspended.

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This makes Brooke angry, then livid when she hears that Sage and Savvy have become companions for a project. Romance starts to spark between Savvy and Sage, nevertheless they fizzle when Brooke starts making rumors about Savvy. Despite of its subject matter and rating, almost all of its episodes have been restricted by COPPA as “kid-friendly” movies. Except for episodes 1,2 and 3 that we’re not set as “made for teenagers” when Sophie introduced back her old channel Sophiegarrettt. Currently, season one has been finished and season two is nearly done.

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The latter spits on Savannah, responding “game over,” with profound accidents from the dispute. She then runs off whereas screaming out a modified version of what actually happened. Brooke’s conspicuous shouting captures the eye of scholars and teachers roaming the halls. She then passes out in a hallway while surrounded by horrified people, who talk about conspiracies in a nervous method, and an ambulance arrives shortly after. Back in California, Savannah barges into Brooke and sends Mimi flying through the air.

Lana then advises Josh to maintain his secret while she keeps her personal, and they then paw promise to do so. The subsequent day, Savvy meets a woman named Brigitte LeBlanc, an exchange student from France who is living with Sage. Sage tells Savannah that he and Brigitte are cousins, when Brigitte corrects him and states that their families are friends, and that she has identified Sage ever since they had been each babies. Brooklyn “Brooke” Hayes – Main antagonist, daughter of Ms. Hayes, Rachel and Alicia’s best friend, Sage’s ex-girlfriend, Tom’s former love curiosity and enemy of Savannah Reed her ex-best friend. They drive off to a desolate forest space, where they then make out. Savannah is reluctant to proceed kissing, which Sage questions.

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She tells him that she’s tried to be nice however Savannah simply hates her. Brigitte thinks something’s wrong along with her, and as Sage tries to comfort her, they almost kiss until Savannah walks in, who was watching the entire time. Brooke is then shown to be within the hospital, carrying a cast round her leg, a neckbrace and a bandage over her nose and head. She exaggerates her concussion to her mother, whining that she “doesn’t remember anything.” Her mother claims that “she can pay,” before she leaves the room to answer a telephone call. The episode opens with Savannah apologising as Brooke gets up, blood overlaying both of their faces and pooling on the ground.

Savvy and Sage ultimately begin to make out, solely to be interuppted by Brooke. She apologizes to Sage and Savvy, but obviously does not imply it. She provides Savannah a flower, but still makes enjoyable of her by telling her she remindes her of a bunny; “cute; and chubby”. Savannah growls at her, and Sage breaks up their battle and leaves for his subsequent class. Savvy tells Brooke that she doesn’t scare her, and tells her that the notice she thought she wrote was “cute”. Brooke denies this and leaves, calling Savannah a wiener-dog as quickly as once more.

Her parents are extraordinarily oblivious to the truth that the attack was provoked. Savannah counteracts their accusations by justifying her perspective, but her dad and mom barely take her side under consideration. Savannah’s mom then informs her that Brooke’s mother threatened to press costs, and demanded the return of Mimi. Savannah is grounded after furiously asking in the event that they care in regards to the emotional and bodily abuse that she goes by way of at college. Back at house, Savvy is having a daydream about Sage calling Brigitte stunning. She is awoken by her mother telling her that she has a phone name.

“the Fallout” – Season Finale Half Half

When she answers it, a disguised voice telling her to be prepared for Sage and Savvy’s breakup, and that her life ends now. The episode ends with the person hanging up and the display screen going black. Brigitte leaves after Sage tells her that they had been simply speaking….on the bed. Savvy confronts him of spending extra time with Brigitte than along with her, and the way she is ALWAYS in his bed room. Sage starts yelling at her as well, and they get into a giant argument.

  • Savvy then tries to reconcile with Brooke, however is cruelly rejected.
  • She apologizes to Sage and Savvy, however clearly doesn’t suggest it.
  • Brooke then realizes what she’s carried out; Gigi had ran away because of her.
  • The display then abruptly cuts to two new students, Josh and Lana Lawrence.
  • Savannah “Savvy” Reed – Main protagonist, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reed, Genevieve and Angelina’s finest friend, Tom’s ex-girlfriend, Sage’s present girlfriend, and enemy of Brooklyn.
  • Tom playfully dons Violette “purple,” because the they determine to get coffee collectively.

Brooke tries to set her reputation in stone with the assistance of Rachel Rivera and Alicia Hamilton, but fails. Tom admits being in love with Savvy, and soon both turn into boyfriend and girlfriend. Savannah Reed is a 16 yr old lady from Montana, who moves to California and attends a college known as Orange County Day (or OCD) for the first time and meets Genevieve Ryan, “Genny” and Angelina Davis, “Lina”. However, the person Savannah really needs to satisfy is her childhood good friend, Brooklyn Hayes. Despite her new friends’ warnings, Savannah tries to talk to Brooke, and is ultimately profitable. Brooke leads Savvy to a vending machine, during which they disguise behind.

Episode 29

It tells the story of Savannah “Savvy” Reed, whose finest pal is Brooklyn “Brooke” Hayes. Although Brooke has long since moved away, Savvy nonetheless thinks of her as a friend and is of course thrilled when she finds out she’s shifting to Orange County, the place Brooke lives. Currently internet hosting 152 articles and 839 information as of April four, 2024.

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The ending clip then shows Tom standing close to the Eiffel Tower in France. After Tom explains his scenario, Violette’s affable and compassionate nature (along with being proficient in both English and French) ends in her offering her friendship to Tom, a proposal that he happily accepts. Tom playfully dons Violette “purple,” as the they resolve to get espresso collectively. The identical day at lunch, Brooke returns, some pets are thrilled, while some aren’t. Brooke then meets Brigitte and tells her that they should hang out.


After Savannah catches Mimi, an argument ensues as both women claim ownership over the cricket. The cricket then goes forwards and backwards between the 2 of them, with Brooke recklessly grabbing Mimi and hurting her. Mimi has a flashback of Brooke not keeping her promise about coming again residence to feed her in time. Mimi ends up leaving a dropping on the ground, for not being walked in a whole day. Her mother reveals up and tells her that Mimi was scared that Savannah had left her for good. Meanwhile, Savvy, who had been crying for hours, meets up with Sage, and so they each resolve to go into Brooke’s abandoned closet.

“moments Of Reflection”

Savvy then tries to reconcile with Brooke, but is cruelly rejected. This is a Category containing all pets which have been featured as characters in YouTuber SophieGTV’s popular sequence ‘LPS Popular’. Once her mom has left the room, Brooke simply will get onto her ft and tells her friends that the coast is evident, to which Alicia and Rachel race in.

After climbing out of her window with Mimi, the 2 of them embrace. The arguement comes to an abrupt and short-term conclusion because the cricket is placed between the 2 of them, and opts to return house with Savannah as a substitute of Brooke. After victoring over Brooke, Savannah rejoins the crowd, after which bids Genevieve farewell after promising that after dropping Mimi off at residence, she will be again at college. “The Popular series is rated PG-13. Parental and viewer discretion is advised.” – a warning within the video description of Episode 29.

The battle ends with Sage calling Savannah a “complete biotch” and Brigitte secretly smiling. Meanwhile, on the hospital, Brooke has a dream about Sage and her, with her new boyfriend, Malcolm, standing next to her hospital bed. He then leaves, kissing her head as Brooke watched, awoken by her dream.

Gigi/Mimi – Savannah’s present pet that beforehand belonged to Brooklyn Hayes. The display goes darkish as soon as once more, solely to shift again to Savannah’s perspective. She appears cfd liquidity distressed, yelling “hello” after the mysterious caller from previous occasions hangs up on her. Savannah is later shown to have stormed away from her parents, and is sulking miserably in her room.

Brooke fakes being hurt to attempt to name Gigi to her on this method. Brooke calls her mother, only to find out that she does not take care of Gigi, and tells her to cease calling whereas she is at work. Brooke then realizes what she’s done; Gigi had ran away due to her. Savannah develops a crush on Sage Bond, Brooke’s boyfriend, the moment she sees him in the corridor. However, Sage does not discover Savvy and avoids eye contact along with her.

Savvy tells Sage about Tom cheating on her with Brooke, and he believes her. Sage reveals his emotions for Savannah, and they make out but are caught by Brooke, Tom, and Alicia. Brooke then attacks Savannah and leaves cuts throughout her face.